16 One-Pot Mediterranean Diet Dinners for Summer

Chicken Fajita Stir-Fry

A wok makes easy work of chicken and vegetables in this quick variation on fajitas.

Vegetarian Gumbo

To make it a meal, serve it with cornbread drizzled with olive oil.

One-Pot Pasta With Spinach & Tomatoes

Cooking the pasta right in the sauce saves time and cleanup while infusing the noodles with more flavor. 

Weeknight Lemon Chicken Skillet Dinner

Serve this hearty chicken and potatoes dinner with a simple side salad to sneak in another serving of veggies.

Summer Skillet Vegetable & Egg Scramble

Nearly any vegetable will work in this easy skillet recipe, so choose your favorites or use what you have on hand.

Easy Tuna Cakes with Greens & Lemon Dressing

Dried herbs, white beans and canned tuna come together in these easy tuna cakes served over greens. 

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