A Guide to the Most Important Extras

There's a solid reason why skinless, boneless chicken breasts are held up as the epitome of healthful, weight-loss-friendly fare.

Chicken breast

alaskan cod

Incorporating cod into your weekly diet may help you lose weight.


Artichokes, a superfood vegetable that fits into nearly any diet plan, are particularly high in fiber.

One medium-sized sweet potato offers almost 4 grams of fiber, or about 14 percent of the daily value.

Sweet potatoes

Whole grain bread

People who had three or more servings of whole grains per day had 10% less abdominal fat than those who consumed no whole grains.

For a healthy lunch, try stir-frying broccoli with garlic and combining it with your preferred protein and a half cup of brown rice.


The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found a correlation between a diet high in whole grains like brown rice and lower levels of abdominal fat.

Brown rice

The protein and fiber content of beans and other legumes like peas and lentils makes them an effective weight reduction food.


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