Bad Routines That Prevent Weight Loss

Cutting yellow paper with "calories" written on it with scissors, representing the idea of reducing daily calorie intake to lose weight

Limiting calories

Avoid becoming overly rigid with your calorie counting. You won't provide your body with the energy it needs to function correctly if you do that.

Not drinking enough H2O

You must include plain ol' H2O in your weight loss efforts. Young says that not adequately hydrating your body can lead to weight gain for a variety of reasons. 

It has also been demonstrated that getting adequate water helps the body remove waste.

Dining out or ordering in too much

You have little control over what is in your meals when you frequently eat out, according to Young. 

You have no idea what each and every component in the recipe is used for, and you have no idea how much of each ingredient is used either.

Although drinking wine while binge-watching reality TV is entertaining, you should be aware that alcohol can cause you to lose sight of your fitness objectives.

Drinking alcohol

Alcohol use hinders the process of turning fat into energy, which increases the likelihood that the fat will be stored in our cells instead, according to West.

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