Habits That Destroy Your Chances of Losing Weight

When you put all of your effort and passion into your weight reduction quest, it may be rather deflating to not start to see any physical changes .

Bouncing around to different workouts

This can be the result of your "bouncing around" to various workouts.

Eating too many healthy snacks

There is no such thing as too much of anything, and this rule applies to nutritious foods as well.

Some nutritious foods even have a high calorie content, thus exercising portion control is important.

Being chintzy with your sleep

Not getting enough sleep comes in second on our list of seven habits that undermine your weight loss efforts.

You shouldn't shortchange yourself on a good night's sleep because being constantly tired is linked to weight gain.

Although drinking wine while binge-watching reality TV is entertaining, you should be aware that alcohol can cause you to lose sight of your fitness objectives.

Drinking alcohol

Alcohol use hinders the process of turning fat into energy, which increases the likelihood that the fat will be stored in our cells instead, according to West.

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