Hobby You Should Pick Up, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

As the ardent first sign of the zodiac, you enjoy high-energy, adventurous pursuits and are unlikely to take up.

Aries: Rock Climbing

It is a fantastic method to expend your excess energy while maintaining a social element.

Taurus: Floral Arranging

Florist woman chopping stems in flower store while standing behind counter.

You are financially minded and you want your life to reflect this.

Gemini: Pottery

Pottery allows you to express your creativity and create something with your own hands.

It is also a fantastic idea for a date or group activity, ideal for a social creature like yourself.

Lovely young woman baking bread in the oven in her home's contemporary white kitchen.

Cancer: Baking Bread

Cancers are the homebodies of the zodiac, so if you plan to spend a lot of time at home.

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