Inflammatory foods cause belly fat


Compared to a homemade muffin or loaf of bread, a commercially prepared pastry is likely to be heavy in sugar and calories.

Quick breads like muffins, croissants, and bagels contain trans fat, an inflammatory substance that may contribute to abdominal adiposity.

White Bread

Despite its widespread use, white bread has a poor reputation for providing adequate nutrition.

While the poor fiber content is a major problem, some alternatives do contain trace levels of added sugar. 

A common breakfast item that many people rely on may surprise you to find on this list of inflammatory foods that might lead to belly obesity. 


Some cereals, especially those high in sugar, aren't great for your waistline, despite their popularity as on-the-go breakfast and snack options.


Empty calorie drinks like soda can contribute to weight gain because they tax the liver to the point where the body stores the extra energy as fat.

Sugary alcoholic beverages are another possible culprit eroding your abs because they aggravate the inflammation already present in your stomach.

Mixed Drinks

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