Tattoo You Should Get, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

To demonstrate that you're not hesitant to take risks, you're likely to want a large.

Aries: Heart Tattoo

 And if you're looking for something inspirational, an anatomical heart tattoo.

Taurus: Floral Tattoo

You are not impulsive, Taurus, so any tattoo you receive will be the result of extensive planning.

Embrace the sentimental essence of your earth sign with a lovely botanical tattoo. 

Geminis are independent and outgoing. You are the type to get a tattoo on a whim as the sign that is always seeking.

Gemini: Paper Airplane Tattoo

You are drawn to basic yet artistic styles, such as line.

Cancer: Celestial Tattoo

Cancer is the crab of the zodiac, but there are many other ways to celebrate your sign besides having a crab tattoo. 

You, like most water signs, can be a bit moody (or crabby, if you will.

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