Tea in the morning can help you shed pounds

Reduce the sugar in your tea until you can drink it unsweetened to lose weight. Use honey or sugar in moderation.

Add less sugar

This simple tweak can dramatically cut your calorie intake while maintaining your tea's creamy smoothness.

Use skimmed milk only in tea

Drink tea with food

 Tea on an empty stomach might increase gastric acidity, causing digestive discomfort. To avoid stomach upset, drink tea after a light meal or snack.

Tea before night might disrupt sleep and digestion. Weight management requires adequate sleep to balance hormones and improve health.

Avoid tea before bed

To lose weight, drink tea at least 30 minutes before meals. This helps your body absorb meal nutrients.

Separate tea and meals

Weight loss requires moderation. Too much tea might cause caffeine and other side effects.

Limit tea to two cups each day

Junk food

It's possible that drinking tea while munching on unhealthy foods like rusks, cookies, and namkeen will cause weight gain.

These foods are often high in calories. In their place, you should have a nutritious breakfast.

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