The Best Holiday Cookie for Your Zodiac Sign

We would never give you a fundamental or no-bake cookie, Aries! "Aries must always be doing something, or they risk becoming bored or anxious.

Virgo - Mini Gingerbread House Cookies

Due to the fact that these miniature gingerbread dwellings require patience and assembly, Aries, they will keep your mind (and fingers) occupied.

Taurus- Mini Pecan Pies

You, Taurus, require something as delectable, earthy, and indulgent as you.

Using a mini muffin tin, bake a quantity of these adorable pecan pies flavored with vanilla.

Extra minutes in the kitchen, but it adds a nice nuttiness, and according to Green, "Gemini probably wouldn't want anything bland.

Gemini - Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

Cancers are known for their mother instinct, so their cookie should be something comforting, similar to what a mother would prepare.

Leo - Lemon Crinkle Cookies

You were created to stand out, Leo, so you would never show up in something boring (or worse, unsightly!). 

These lemon crinkle cookies are beautiful, and according to Green, lemons are governed by the sun, which rules Leo.

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