The Most Stressed Zodiac Sign

On the surface, Libras may appear as cool as a cucumber, but tension can overwhelm them. 


 Libra wishes to make everyone happy, but this is often impossible.

It's no mystery that Sagittarius has lofty ambitions and enjoys making ambitious plans. 


These fire signs are passionate and restless, so any pause in their lives can lead to conflict.


Nine times out of ten, if any sign is going to overthink something, it will be a Gemini. 

These individuals are moving quicker than everyone else to ensure that they are included in every conversation.


Virgo, like Gemini, has a tendency to overthink and become preoccupied with life's minute minutiae.

They are known for their anxiety, and once they begin to spiral, they cannot halt.


If you believe that Pisces are laid-back and unassuming, you may want to reconsider. 

Pisces absorb the vibrations of others.


It's no surprise that Capricorns are the most agitated zodiac sign because they work until their fuel level drops below.

They enjoy pursuing success and claim they don't need assistance to achieve it. 

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