Top 10 low carb salads

Superfood salmon salad bowl

This Mediterranean superfood salad is the ultimate throw-together meal for when time is precious, but you don’t want to skimp on nutrients.

Salad Niçoise

Bye, bye, potatoes — and hello, peppery turnips! This salad has been updated from the original version and has a kiss of salty dressing.

Antipasto salad

This filling antipasto salad is packed with traditional Italian cold cuts and topped with crumbled chili and basil.

The easiest fish salad

This is a go-to low carb meal for ultra-busy days. It takes very few steps, ingredients, and prep time, but gives maximum nutrients, healthy fats, and protein.

Keto zucchini and walnut salad

Meet your new favorite low carb meal! This salad is crunchy and nutty and filled with flavorful sautéed zucchini. 

Summer asparagus and halloumi salad

Served with a dressing made with healthy fats, and top with slices of warm, salty, grilled Halloumi.

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