What You Should Eat Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Libra loves beauty. You love dessert because it satisfies your spirit, not just your stomach. 

Libra - Pastries & Desserts

You could spend hours looking through bakery windows, and the prospect of buying pastries from a Parisian boulangerie makes you want to fly to Europe.

Cajun and Creole food speaks to Scorpios spiritually because they crave warmth and intrigue in their meals.

Scorpio - Cajun & Creole Food

You may be a foreign traveler, but your food tastes like Fourth of July barbecues and burgers too enormous to eat.

Sagittarius - Gastropub & American Comfort Food

You crave comfort food because Jupiter, the planet of extravagance, rules your sign.

Crabs dominate water signs, so you should eat crab. Cancers thrive on the beach, therefore eating seafood may give them superpowers.

Cancer - Seafood & Sushi

Mignonette-drenched oysters make you feel like a mermaid.

Virgos love breakfast since it kickstarts their day. The most crucial meal of the day can set you up for a productive day or leave you exhausted by midday.

Virgo - Breakfast & Brunch

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