Your horoscope will suggest fries seasoning

Pisces is the zodiac's care bear until they are driven to the edge of dissociation and their (serial) killer instincts emerge.

PISCES -  Sweet potato fries

On the whole, however, these individuals have an aura similar to that of a sweet potato fry, orange with a hint of sweetness.

AQUARIUS - Waffle fries

Aquarians are an unexpected population. They go against the tide and the plebeian flow because they are governed by Saturn and Aquarius.

Enter the waffle fry, whose production methods astound with water-bearer-style technology, mandolin magic, and mechanical lyricism in motion.

CAPRICORN - Tater tots

Capricorn is business-minded and adheres to the maxim "waste not, want not; get rich or die trying" when it comes to money and food scraps.

The tater tot was created from the potato scraps left over from the preparation of frozen french fries.

Chili cheese fries symbolize the Sagittarius philosophy that more is always better.

SAGITTARIUS - Chili cheese fries

Sagittarius, a sign of mutable fire, is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of expansion and excess, good fortune, and living carefree.

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